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The first few lines of this song were written after watching the Veggie Tales episode of "Josh and the Big Wall," the story of Joshua and Jericho, with my twin daughters.  The kids version of this Biblical tale really highlights the enormity of faith that was required to simply walk around the walls of the city - knowing, expecting, waiting for God to come through on His promise.  In the Veggie Tales version, after the first day of ridicule from obnoxious peas on top of the wall, they are ready for Plan B.  


This directly mirrors my life.  No matter how sure I am of something that God has spoken, to continue to walk in that hard path of obedience is unreasonably hard.  I can know that God is moving, yet, still find it hard to do what He asks.  And on top of this, most days I live outside of any kind of awareness of what God is doing, where Holy Spirit is leading... The monotony of the day to day obscures the truth of the spiritual battle going on around us at all times.  And our enemy is not idle, even while we may be.  


The chorus of this song went through several revisions until I invited my dear friend, Emily Lacy, for assistance.  She listened to the verses and beat that I had written and wrote and performed the chorus.

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