After over 15 years of fiddling with home recording, I wanted to explore what it was like to record an EP in a studio.  In the spring of 2016, I began rehearsals with two great friends, Rebecca Zimmerman and Robert Soltys, who were willing to pour their time and energy into the project.  My prayer beginning our last rehearsal was that this EP would fully belong to God - to be what He wanted, to be about Him.  Robert pointed out this prayer theme and suggested the album title of "Yours."

So, Jesus, here it is.  

The music that we've created - yours.  

The reception that it's given - yours.  

The breath that I breathe to sing - yours.  

My twin 2-year-old girls and the peanut butter sandwiches they survive on - yours.

My messy home and the material blessing it represents - yours.​

Anything of my time, gifts, or self that you might ask of me - yours.

Copyright © 2016 Amanda Prorak Music

Click here to view the digital booklet with song lyrics and the stories behind the songs.

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